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What is the HMO Academy?

The HMO Academy is the first digital knowledge hub dedicated to HMOs. It is designed for providing quick access to HMO knowledge to all healthcare professionals involved in infant care.

Who sponsors the HMO Academy?

The HMO Academy has been developed by Nestlé, to facilitate knowledge sharing on Human Milk Oligoscaccarides (HMO) with healthcare professionals on this important new innovation. Nestle is the world leader in infant nutrition and a pioneer in HMO technologies since 30 years.

Why should I register to access the website?

The HMO Academy website is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and regular updates about HMOs. By registering on the website, you get a personal, quick and secured access to the contents, which allows you to receive regular updates from HMO Academy and keep a track on your learning achievements. Also, registered users have the privilege of accessing the My HMO Zone which has resources for personal use, as well as for sharing with patients.

How do I register to the HMO Academy?

The login page of HMO Academy has a registration link for new users. By providing all the relevant details mentioned in the section and following the instructions shared on the screen as well as through e-mail, you will be able to register to the website.

Why is it important for healthcare professionals to develop awareness and understanding about HMOs?

HMOs are the third largest component of breastmilk and major contributors to our children’s healthy development. HMOs are now recognized as fundamental drivers of the maturing immune system of babies, making them one of the most obvious reasons why breastmilk is considered the best for infants.

Can I trust the content published by the HMO Academy?

The contents available through the HMO Academy are based on scientific material published in textbooks, peer-reviewed medical journals and contributions from independent scientific and medical experts. The contents are referenced and all references are available online in full-text form.

Why and how does Nestlé support breastfeeding?

Nestlé believes that breastmilk is best for babies and supports the World Health Organization’s recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life, followed by continued breastfeeding along with introduction of complementary foods as advised by healthcare professionals or health authority. We include the wording ‘breastfeeding is best’ whenever and wherever it is possible and relevant, such as on infant formula packaging and in all communications. We develop educational materials for healthcare professionals and parents on the benefits of breastfeeding. We also run campaigns and seminars on breastfeeding for the medical community in partnership with governments and medical institutions.

I signed up but I didn’t receive the confirmation email?

There are possibilities that the confirmation mail or any other autogenerated mails have landed in your junk folder. Kindly check your junk folder for the mail. If you have not received the mail in 2 hours, kindly reach out to Admin through the Contact Us section.

How to change my password or recover my forgotten password?

In the login section, at the bottom right corner, we have provided the feature “Forgot my Password” for changing the password. Please click in the text and follow the instructions to change the password.

How do I use the like button?

When you read through the content, please click on the like button available in the content description page to let us and other users know that the content is good to read. By doing this, you will not only encourage our team but also help other users identify interesting content.

How do I use the share button?

The objective of the share button is to give you an opportunity to share the interesting content with your peers and colleagues for their benefit. When you click on the share button, a new mail will open from your default mail with the link to the content. You can enter your colleague’s/peer’s mail id and share the link with them.

How do I use the comment box?

Almost all the content sections have a comment section, where you can type in your valuable feedback which can help the HMO Academy team and users on the platform.

What are related topics?

Related topics are the listings of topics in any of the content description pages, which appear in the right-hand side, which are related to the content description being viewed.

If I have queries related to website or its content, whom should I contact and how?

For any queries related to website or content, please click on “Contact Us’ feature in the footer and type down your queries. Our team will reach out to you in a specified time based on the nature of request.

Is there any educational material available for my patients?

Please check the section “For My Patients” , where you will find patient information materials which can be either downloaded, printed and handed over to patient or shared to their as attachment through e-mail.

Who owns copyright of the full text paper and e-books available in the library. Can I print or share the publication or books with my colleagues?

The copyrights of the content lies with the publication. We are only redirecting you to the publication page, where our library helps in getting access to the hosted articles and e-books in the field of HMOs.


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